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Shadeglass is Grave-sand that has been vitrified and transformed into an arcane, crystalline substance that is harder than obsidian and steel.[1a][1c][7a]


The mages, scientists, and scholars of Shadespire labored for many years to create Shadeglass within their arcane forges and use the substance to their own ends, using it to preserve the souls of their dead and prevent Nagash from taking them. The Great Necromancer's retribution against the city was both inventive and cruel, as he flung the city into the twisted subrealm between Hysh and Ulgu.[4][5a]

Souls preserved in a Shadeglass artefact, such as a mirror or gem, can move to other such artefacts. This is how Occlesius the Realms-Walker continued to communicate with fellow scholars in Quatzhymos after his death.[5a]


Much of Nagashizzar, the Silent City is made of Shadeglass. Many monuments are made from bricks of the glassy substance. The Great Black Pyramid of Nagashizzar itself was made from Shadeglass.[1a][7a]

Shadeglass is often used to make arcane weaponry, typically bladed melee weapons such as swords. Occasionally Black Iron will also be incorporated into such weapons as well.[1b][1c]

Shards of Shadeglass can often be found as a trade item, and occasional commodity currency, within the markets and caravans of the Free Cities of Sigmar, particularly within the Twin-Tailed City of Hammerhal.[2a][3a] Shards of Shadeglass are also used as a currency among the criminal black markets of Greywater Fastness.[2a]

Souls Preserved in Shadeglass

The following is a list of entities whose souls have been preserved in Shadeglass: