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The Sepuzkul Lodge is a Fyreslayer Lodge in the Realm of Shyish.[1]


Warriors of the Sepuzkul lodge set forth on a great journey to aid its ancestor lodge against Taurak Skullcleaver. For several years they were engaged in brutal conflict with champion of Khorne, the Griever until their sister lodge Angfyrd also travelling to the aid of their ancestor, found them.[1]

They swore an oath to avenge the fallen and joined with them to battle the bloodbound, losing many mighty fyreslayers in the ensuing war before the final battle at the realmgate they had sought to continue their journey.[1]

Many of the Angfyrd lodge were killed, including their Runefather and some of the remnants joined with the depleted Sepuzkul and moved on. Finally they reached the Red Mountains and the Bloodbound horde of Kar Thraxis the Ravager, the Devourer in Flame. Thirty fyreslayers confronted thirty thousand bloodbound. There the chaos champion offered them Ur-gold if they would kill his enemy - Taurak Skullcleaver, a kill he himself was forbidden to make so by his gods. [1]

After due consideration, they accepted his offer.[1]

Their wargear is black, made and embelished to give the appearance of bone, their faces painted white and with grey beards. They burn their dead with their gold and ur-gold.[1]


Has your lodge bled itself for the Griever to find his trail? No. Find your own way and to the Lord of Undeath with you all.

~ A son of Nosda-Grimnar.[1]



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