Sepulchral Guard

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Sepulchral Guard 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Death
Faction Soulblight Gravelords
Leader The Sepulchral Warden
Members The Prince of Dust
The Harvester
The Champion

The Sepulchral Guard are a Deathrattle warband who serve as the wardens of Shadespire at the behest of Nagash. The Deathrattle of Shadespire are quite unlike the typical charnel slaves raised by minor necromancers and practitioners of fell magic. Their soul animus remains trapped within their decayed forms as a result of the curse of Nagash, and thus they retain a fragmented memory of their past lives long after their flesh has rotted away. Over time, many of these unfortunates have sworn themselves to the God of Death’s service, praying that by petitioning Nagash for forgiveness they may be freed from the agony of their existence. Greatest amongst the faithful is the Sepulchral Warden, the former Lord Marshal of Shadespire. Such is his devotion to Nagash that this enigmatic creature has been gifted with the power to inspire frenzied devotion in his subjects, and he directs them against all who would challenge the Great Necromancer’s will.[1]


Within the Mirrored City, the Sepulchral Guard act as the gaolers of all who find themselves trapped there.[6]

Hunt For Sadila

Saila, daughter Hausa the Master of the Fourth House of Shadespire, had begun assembling an army as part of a great game played amongst the Katophranes within the Mirrored City's Jasper Palaces. This army was tasked with venturing out and collecting fragments and maps of Faneway Mirror, with the promise that should they succeed all would be able to finally escape their prison. This drew the ire of the Sepulchral Warden and his army of Petitioners. With the assistance of a mysterious Chaos Warrior known as Zuvass, the Warden was able to form a loose alliance composed of Khornate Bloodbound under Isengrim, orruks under Gurzag Ironskull, the Katophrane Mekesh, and the warden's own army. Together, they scheme succeeded in bringing down Sadila's army, and with the assistance of Petitioners of magical prowess bind the Katophrane's spirit, forever ending her schemes.[2]


Sepulchral Warden

The Lord Marshal of Shadespire - who would later become the Sepulchral Warden - fought to defend the city, sometimes for days on end against orruks within the sunlit wastes of the Desert of Bones.[2f] In those final days of Shadespire's history, the Lord Marshal of the city called upon his fellow Katophranes to make their peace with the Undying King - a crime for which he was executed. He was nailed upon the outer walls of the Dust Keep, which was once the highest section of the city's souther walls, overlooking the Sea of Dust.[2d] Since the city of Shadespire was shattered, and its denizens cast into the twilight realm of Uhl-Gysh by Nagash, the Lord Marshal was resurrected and assigned the role overseer of the Mirrored City as the Sepulchral Warden. The Warden serves no one save Nagash, and possesses armies at his command, though he rarely employs them as such.[2e]

Prince of Dust

Centuries ago the Prince of Dust commanded vast legions and decided the fate of kingdoms on a whim. Now, he is but another tortured servant of the Great Necromancer.[3a]


None know when the Harvester first took up his scythe, or whether he once wielded it in life. What is certain is that he uses it to reap a terrible toll in death.[3b]


The Champion was once the foremost armsman in Shadespire.[2c] Though the Champion retains fractured memories of countless battle, he cannot recall whether he fought for duty, honour or coin.[3c]


Petitioners are the many lost souls of Shadespire who believe that only be acknowledging their sins against Nagash and begging for his forgiveness can they escape their endless torment.[3d] These are Katophranes that didn't attempt to escape into the Faneway Mirror, and thus became akin deadwalkers. However, unlike deadwalkers they they retain their sentience, they are merely being for whome death is denied. Instead, they simply decay until there is there remains not a scrap of flesh clings to their bone. Purged of their flesh, they find new purpose and take up arms alongside the Sepulchral Warden.[5]



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