Sepulchral Champion

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Sepulchral Champion miniature.

Sepulchral Champion is one of the wight warriors of the Sepulchral Guard warband stuck in Shadespire. He cannot much remember his past life, like the reason why he even fought at all, be either duty, honour or coin, all that remains are fractured memories of countless battles.[1][2a]


The Champion was once one of the mortal inhabitants of Shadespire before its cursing by Nagash. After the city was cursed, his body rotted away and he joined the former Lord-Marshal and became one of the members of the Sepulchral Guard.[3a][3b]


Despite being an ancient undead warrior, he moves with a frightening and unsettling swiftness guided by the fragmented memories of his mortal life.[3a][3b]


The Champion is armed with an Ancient Greatblade or Wight Blade. This is paired with a Crypt Shield, a type of ancient relic shields that was often kept in tombs and barrows.[2a][3a][3b]



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