Selendti Llyr-Xiss

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Selendti Llyr-Xiss is a priestess and diplomat of the Daughters of Khaine faction.[1]

In the Time of Tribulations she was the ambassador of the temples to the city of Hammerhal following the High Oracle of Khaine's royal visit. She represented tens of thousands of warrior aelves sent to fight alongside the followers of Sigmar. [1]

She is tall and pale skinned. [1]


We are part of the fabric of this society, It was our queen who fought at Sigmar's side to raise up civilisation so many thousands of years ago, just as we fight at your side now. Is it given to you to break with that tradition and deny the will of the God-King?

~ Llyr-Xiss to the Stormrift Conclave of Hammerhal..[1]


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