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Seekers of Slaanesh are Daemonettes that have managed to capture and tame a Steed of Slaanesh. [1a]. They form the vanguard of many of Slaanesh's armies and the core of his hunter legions, being swift beyond belief, their sinuous bodies undulating as they speed towards the foe. Some Seekers carry elongated horns that they blow as they ride, sending out a cacophany that spurs their pack onwards as well as striking terror into the hearts of any fleeing quarry. Others hold graven icons or silken banners that bear the Dark Prince's obscene sigils, and from which decadent energies exude, creating an intoxicating cloud. [1a]

They possess an unnatural ability to track targets – stalking them from one realm to another. Running from these tenacious hunters is an excerise in futility, and few of their chosen quarry ever escape. Out of sadism, the daemons often back off in their pursuit towards hunt's end - prolonging the terror of their victim, fanning the flames of false hope for a little longer. That kill is practically inevitable, however, and when they close in on their prey, the Steeds’ long, toxin-coated tongues dart out to ensnare their victims, welcoming them to an agonising oblivion. [1a]


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