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Seeker Chariots are the fastest and most nimble of the Chariots used by the Daemons of Slaanesh. They are pulled by Steeds of Slaanesh, darting through the chanting, sashaying ranks of the Hedonites to ram into the lines of the foe, the Daemonettes standing upon it dance from yoke to spar, laughing as every strike leaves a bloody trail in the air. [1a]

The riders of the chariots carry long hooked whips, twirling one in each hand to great effect. They are used to rend flesh, rip out throats and tear eyes from sockets - such is the skill with which their wielders employ them. More than that, they can be used to grab nearby enemies and yank them in close, in the same way a fisherman might pluck his catch from the sea. The Daemonettes do not seek to keep those they catch whole – in fact, they will do everything they can to pull their prey into the path of the spinning scythes and blades that form the chariot’s wheels. Pulling two such individuals under the bladed wheels of their conveyance at one time is seen as the height of a charioteer’s expertise. [1a]


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