Second Conference of Madralta

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The floating isle of Madralta.

The Second Conference of Madralta is the gathering of the Geldraad on the neutral ground of Madralta which took place to discuss the situation caused by the aftermath of the destruction of a Silver Tower in Chamon and the following daemonic and Nighthaunt attacks.[1a][1b]


While the scale of the brewing disaster was discovered thanks to the swift and decisive actions of Imoda Barrasdottr and the crew of the Redoubtable, the Geldraad was far less decisive. Despite agreeing that their empire is facing a crisis, factionalism and mutual distrust meant no agreement could be made. The patterns of the daemonic disturbances showed the forces of Chaos coalescing around Vindicarum, a vital source of income and influence for the Kharadron and the Grundstok scouting ships brought reports of a vast enemy host that was already bearing down on the city. Barak-Nar and Barak-Zilfin wanted immediate intervention to save the Sigmarites but were vetoed by the rest of the council who banded together to deny the steering hand of the most powerful sky-ports. They cited the danger of the aethermatic disturbances that had destroyed several mining outposts and exploratory fleets, with Barak-Urbaz being the most affected. The dissenters were led by the venerable High Admiral Grubda Klarsdottr of Barak-Thryng, the most isolationist of sky-ports and the key swing vote.[1a][1b]

The deadlock led to a battle of insults and ancient grudges until the doors crashed open. Endrinmaster Drongon Humboldsson and the ancient, white-haired duardin, known as Gromthi marched into the chamber. They were met with an outcry for their grievous breach of the Kharadron Code, but the entire chamber was silenced by the ancient duardin who merely raised his gnarled and tattooed fist. Speaking with such authority that he rendered the squabbling councillors silent, he presented the latest aethernautical readings, sourced from the Nav-League of Barak-Nar, and confirmed with its cousins in every major sky-port. All confirmed a great convergence of energies gathering around Vindicarum, a stormfront of Chaos magic unprecedented since the breaking of the Spiral Crux. While this alone was enough to get the Geldraad’s attention, Humboldsson explained further that this would draw in every aetherstream within ten thousand air leagues of the free city. Thus instantly transforming Vindicarum into the most valuable asset in the Spiral Crux. Seizing the opportunity, Admiral Imoda Barrasdottr of Barak-Zilfin called for a motion to dispatch a sky-fleet to relieve Vindicarum, beginning the vote soon after.[1b]


The historic Second Conference of Madralta ended in consensus and it was decided that the sky-ports would rescue the God-King's armies and hopefully make a profit in the process. The Second Madraltan Armada was organised to relieve the Siege of Vindicarum, which they successfully completed by destroying the Legion of the First Prince while also securing sky-lanes from the Flux to Prosperis' northern coast and rich aether-gold streams to cover the costs for the expedition.[1c][1d]


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