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A Sigmarite Strongpoint under construction.

Sigmarite Strongpoints, or simply Strongpoints, are settlements established in frontiers and wilderness beyond the Cities of Sigmar, each seeking to bring the light of hope and civilization to lands ruined by the Age of Chaos. Each was established by the arduous efforts of a Dawnbringer Crusade.[1a]


When a Dawnbringer Crusade sets out from their City of Sigmar, driven by hope and zeal, much of the work to establish their future settlement will already be completed. The layout of every Strongpoint is predetermined by the Decree Sigmaris, many of the buildings needed to get the settlement in functioning order are prefabricated and placed upon Metaliths, and a Banner Heraldor is given to the crusade host by the Order of Heralds to act as the city's iconography.[1a]

When a Crusade arrives at it's destination, which is often chosen weeks or months in advance by rangers and scouts from either the Wanderers, outriders of the Freeguilds, or soldiers of Vanguard Auxillary Chambers, its members act swiftly to construct their settlement as fast as possible.[1a]

These sites are usually Nexus Points and rather than having traditional strategic resources, they are usually centered on ancient shrines, Geomantic Nexuses, and Realmgates.[1a]

Should a Strongpoint weather the horrors of the Mortal Realms and those forces that would seek to bring them ruin, and be deemed stable by the Order of Logisticians, it will be sent fresh supplies to continue to bolster itself. A successful settlement may one day grow to be a proper city in their own right. But sadly most of these settlements fail, many coming under the control of the dark forces they sought to best or broken into ruins.[1a]


Strongpoints vary wildly from one another, even in spite of many of their core buildings being prefabricated, and must adapt to the environment around them, shaping themselves with the resources and ruins they find at the Nexus Point they hope to build their settlement upon. But a few features are common across all Strongpoints:[1a]


The bulk of those who inhabit the Strongpoints are Free Peoples from the Cities of Sigmar. especially Humans, Aelves, and Duardin. These settlers are a mix of both Azyrites and Reclaimed.[1a] A great number of Strongpoints will have a permanent lodging, usually prefabricated, to house the warriors of the Stormcast Eternals that aided in founding the settlement.[2a]

Types of Strongpoints

  • Agricultural Strongpoint: A strongpoint dedicated to agriculture, producing food for itself and its mother city.[4]
  • Cavern-Strongpoint: A strongpoint built in the subterranean regions of the Mortal Realms. The practise was pioneered by Tharnadine who had led a Dawnbringer Crusade to establish many such strongpoints around underground nexuses of arcane power throughout Gallet in the Realm of Ghur.[7a]
  • Trading Strongpoint: A trading Strongpoint, or trading hall, is a settlement established by a City of Sigmar to act as a trading hub.[14a]

Strongpoints of Aqshy

Voyager's End a major Candletown on the coast of the Polychromatic Sea

Strongpoints are known as Candletowns or Sparksites in the Realm of Aqshy. More often than not they power their industry through the use of steam engines or boiling vats that rely on geothermal energy.[1a]

Known Strongpoints in the Great Parch

Ringwall Strongpoints

The Ringwall Strongpoints are a collection of strongpoints surrounding Hammerhal Aqsha.[8a]

Strongpoints of Chamon

Strongpoints are known as Seamholds in the Realm of Chamon. They often have a lot more metal plating on their structures and often have makeshift mines to extract mineral wealth.[1a] In the eastern Spiral Crux, many Dawnbringer Crusades are sent westward into the Arable Heartlands, to establish Strongpoints in its fertile lands to grow grains such as coppergrass and rustigo.[1h]

Known Strongpoints in the Spiral Crux

Strongpoints of Ghur

Strongpoints are known as Stakeforts in the Realm of Ghur. Traditionally these settlements make heavy use of bone and hide. They have many temporary habitations like bivouacs and lean-tos, with tanning racks interspersed throughout. They are surrounded by palisades angled outwards, to dissuade attackers.[1a]

Known Strongpoints in the Ghurish Heartlands

Strongpoints of Ghyran

Much of Sigmar's resettlement of the Realm of Life is centered on the Jade Kingdom of Verdia in the Everspring Swathe. Here Strongpoints are built around the furthest borders of the region's Cities of Sigmar and serve as staging grounds and supply points for future Dawnbringer Crusades.[1e]

Known Strongpoints in the Everspring Swathe

Strongpoints of Hysh

Strongpoints are known as Shining Settlements in the Realm of Hysh. Every Shining Settlement uses a wind or solar engine to power their industry to maintain harmony with the realm around them.[1a]

Strongpoints in Xintil

Strongpoints of Shyish

In the Realm of Shyish faith and worship take on corporeal form, with entire landmasses forming and locking into place by sheer belief. With this in mind the God-King has made efforts to instill hope within those Innerlanders and Stygxxians that venerate him, sending many Dawnbringer Crusades to establish Strongpoints in other Underworlds, such as Penultima and the Warmsoul Uplands of Hallost.[1j]

Strongpoints in the Prime Innerlands

Strongpoints of Ulgu

In their attempts to reclaim and colonize the Shadrac Convergence, Misthåvn and other Ulguan Free Cities rely heavily on the Scourge Privateers and Order Serpentis. The cities and Strongpoints of the Realm of Shadow are home to only a scant few Duardin and even fewer members of the Phoenix Temple, though many of the insular Darkling Covens and assassins of the Shadowblades order call these settlements home.[1l]

Strongpoints in the Shadrac Convergence