Sea of Serpents (Ghyran)

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The Sea of Serpents is a sea in the Realm of Ghyran between the Jade Kingdoms of Chlorista and Blackstone.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

During the flight from Athelwyrd in the Realmgate Wars, Alarielle's protectors fled through the Cascading Path to the Forest of Druidia in Chlorista. There, the Lady of Vines hoped to cross the Sea of Serpents to Blackstone, where she would plant her goddess' soulpod in the rich soil of Blackstone Summit. However, the Maggotkin had pursued them, and the Stormcast Eternals and sylvaneth found themselves trapped between their pursuers and the sea. The quest was saved when a dying Jotunberg, attracted by the Lady of Vine's song, fell into the sea, freezing it solid, letting the goddess' protectors escape across the frozen ocean.[1a][2a]