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Scyla Anfingrimm captures an unfortunate Grey Seer.

Scyla Anfingrimm, the Talon of Khorne is a ferocious creature that was once a mortal champion of Khorne. While no one can say what savage acts caused the Blood God to grant his champion so many bestial gifts that he became little more than a Chaos Spawn, the Bloodbound tribes agree that his arrival before a battle is a sure sign of Khorne's favour. There is always the chance that Scyla will tear them apart before (or after) they fight against their enemies alongside him, but the Bloodbound believe that a death at the hands of Khorne's favoured monstrosity is a blessed one indeed.[1b][2a][3a]


Khorne has blessed Scyla with monstrous strength and unflagging stamina, and the Blood God has ignited unending rage in his soul.[3b] Scyla does not sleep or tire, and his every moment spent is either searching for beings to slaughter or slaughtering those he has found.[1b] In his fury, he can leap great distances.[3b] He is capable of breaking through castle walls with a single blow from his massive fists[1b], tearing fully armoured Stormcast Eternals[2a] and their dracoth mounts in two,[3b] and crushing their comrades in his fist as if their blessed sigmarite plate was no more than paper.[1b]


Scyla wears a brass Collar of Khorne that radiates Khorne's hatred for magic and ensures no cowardly sorcery can fell him. He otherwise carries no equipment, fighting primarily with his brutal, clawed fists and lashing, fanged tail.[3b]


At the start of the Age of Chaos, Scyla had been trapped in the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch for unknown ages, unable to escape and hidden from his patron's sight due to the ever-shifting illusions of that mad realm. However, when the Blood God's power waxed strong during the brutality of the Age of Chaos, he finally became aware of Scyla's predicament. With a howl of rage, Khorne hurled a great brass skull across the Realm of Chaos. The blazing missile broke through Scyla's prison, dragging him in its wake until it crashed into the Mortal Realms like a flaming meteor. Scyla landed in the iron wastes of Swynedane, creating a huge crater with the force of his impact. Members of the Scrapfist tribe who went to inspect the glowing crater were the first to be slaughtered by the Talon of Khorne in the Mortal Realms, but far from the last.[1b]

Among his bloody feats since then was the killing of the ur-hydra Gorgahul and its brood in the Quicksilver Swamp in Ulgu.[1a]


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