Scyla Anfingrimm

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Scyla Anfingrimm is a ferocious creature that was once a mortal champion of Khorne that was rewarded with a new bestial form and an unquenchable rage.for countless acts of brutality. He often fights alongside the Bloodbound who regard his presence as a sign of the Khorne’s favour. After the battle Scyla’s wrath will inevitably fall upon his allies but for the Bloodbound to be torn apart at the hands of Khorne’s favoured abomination is seen as a great honour.[2]


The history of Scyla before his monstrous transformation is not known. During the Age of Chaos, Scyla was trapped within the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch but was freed by Khorne himself and Scyla was once more unleashed upon the realms. Since then, he has committed countless acts of slaughter, driven by an incandescent fury that can never be satisfied.[2] . He hunted down and slaugthered the Gorgahul and its brood in the Quicksilver Swamp.[1]


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