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The Scriptors Mortis are malignant spirits who are cursed to write of the glory of Nagash and his necrotopia in punishment for what the Lord of Undeath sees as their vicious slander against him while they are alive.[1a]


In the Age of Myth, the Azyrite historians of the Scriptors Auris wrote of Sigmar's many deeds of divine heroism. Unfortunately for them, one story - the tale of Sigmar freeing Nagash from his imprisonment - was judged by Nagash to be an affront to his dignity and a foul piece of character assassination. When Nagash finally dragged their spirits before him in the Soul Wars, he cursed them to forever write histories that showed him and his vision in a more favourable light.[1a]


Much of a Scriptor Mortis' time is spent rewriting their "false" histories and chronicling the various triumphs of Nagash. They are also tasked and empowered with censoring anyone or anything who might speak against their master's vision. They can condemn a troublesome mortal to a fitting punishment provided they know that mortal's true name; by writing the tale of that mortal's demise and punishment and snuffing out an enchanted wychlight candle, they can bring their target's life to a swift and unpleasant end. However, even Nagash could not eliminate a Scriptors' desire to revise and edit its writings in the search for a perfect turn of phrase, so it can take some time for the sentence to be carried out, allowing a swift target to banish the gheist before it can finish its work.[1a]



We write and we write, and nothing will ever erase the sins we committed. Eternal punishment - can you comprehend it? Not that it matters. When I am done with you, you won't have a choice...

~ Vayon of the Withered Quill, Scriptor Mortis.[1a]


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