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Scrip is a form of supplementary currency that can be exchanged for goods and services instead of more formal forms of legal tender. Though they are only accepted by certain markets and businesses, often associated with the governments or entities that provide the scrips.[1a][2a][3a]

Places Known to Use Scrip

  • Bastion: The city of Bastion in the Skyshoals has its own scrip in the form of Trade Tokens given out by the Bastion Artefacts Retrievals Guild. These are accepted by only a limited number of Bastion's businesses.[4a]
  • Carngrad: Despite its reputation for violence and anarchy the merchants of the city of Carngrad, found in the Bloodwind Spoil of the Allpoints, accept a form of market scrip.[1a]
  • Greywater Fastness: The factories and companies in the Greywater Fastness are known for paying their workers a fair wage, though more oft than not it is in the form of scrip or tokens only accepted in markets owned by the company. These come in the form of musket balls or other ammunition stamped with the sigil of Ironweld Guilds.[3a] Paper scrips are also used by some merchants who do business with the city.[1a]