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Close-up of two Screamers of Tzeentch.

Screamers of Tzeentch are Daemonic Beasts of Tzeentch that swim through the sky. As they streak through the sky a wailing cry can be heard and when they approach others they emit a psychologically reverberating shriek. There creatures are driven by an insatiable instinct to hunt mortal souls.[1][6]


Screamers are horrifying, speeding sky-sharks with fang-filled maws.These creatures move at high speeds, leaving shimmering trails of iridescent change-magic in their wake. In a group they take the form of multicoloured packs.[1][6]

Screamers are horrifying creatures that leave iridescent magic in their shimmering wake.[6]


Screamer's are sky-sharks that attack any foes they pass near with their razor-sharp horns, fins and scything claw. They dive at their intended targets, attacking them with gnashing teeth, and their bites are fierce that can gouge and tear off large chunks of flesh. If there is more than one Screamer close by they use their pack mentality together with their slashing fins to become exceptionally dangerous to their foes.[1][6]



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