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Sciansá are the daggers used by Witch Aelves both for ritual sacrifices and in battle.[1a]


Sciansá are forged from steel tempered in blood and blessed by a temple's Hag Queens. They are sharpened to a razor's edge and frequently bear notches that can be used to inflict additional pain and bleeding on those cut by it.[1a]

Religious Significance

Sciansá are considered holy implements of the Khainite cult. They are used both to open the veins of ritual sacrifices and to draw sacred symbols with their blood. When a war coven is on campaign, many Witch Aelves will carry an especially blessed or ornate sciansá to use as a personal altar in their tent for private rituals, or even simply carry small blessed items or jewels to add to their usual blades when praying in order to consecrate the knife so it can act as a religious focus.[1a][2a]