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Scablands are the lands between the Duardinia Mountains of the Brimstein Hearthlands and the Flamescar Plateau in the Great Parch. Once the Lympirric Empire was situated here but now it has been corrupted by the lakes of blood, spilled there by Korghos Khul's campaigns, that turned the land tough, cracked and brown giving it its name. Here scavengers hunt through piled bones and the ground oozes blood like a fresh wound. Many Bloodbound leaders like Korghos Khul and Lord Rhex come to the Scablands to receive boons directly from Khorne.[1][2]

Once the Lympirric Goldflame Gate, a Realmgate that connected Aqshy to Chamon existed in the heart of the empire but now it has been corrupted by ritualized slaughter and is known as the Dripping Gate, a bleeding doorway that leads to the Skull Lands in the Realm of Chaos. [2]