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Saurus Knights riding upon Cold Ones.

Saurus Knights are specialized subspecies of Saurus that ride upon Cold One mounts that act as cavalry for Seraphon armies.[1a]


Knights are a specialized saurus subspecies that possess specially adapted dewclaws to direct their steeds even while fighting. More importantly, they have a natural affinity with wild creatures but specially with the Cold Ones. They are considered to be blessed by the Old One known as Itzl, Father of Beasts.[1a]


Saurus Knights are capable of being used in a wide range of strategies where they can be used for many roles ranging from disruptive hit-and-run strikes to line-breaking massed charges. Enemies in their path are torn apart by blades and claws while those who manage to survive the initial attack are simply trampled by powerful beasts. Saurus Knights ride as the vanguard of Seraphon battleline as the premier shock troops of the Seraphon. As the skilled cavalry, they are well versed in a wide array of military doctrines, including disruptive hit-and-run strikes to line-breaking mass charges. Riding onto the midst of battle beneath icons in the shape of coiling serpents, Saurus Knights eagerly tear their foes apart in a storm of blades of claw. Those who somehow survive the initial impact are soon trampled by the force of their passing.[1a]


Cold Ones are fierce, territorial beasts that are both viciously cunning and deadly in battle. Cold Ones are notable for being extremely foul-tempered and wilful with even those of the Starborne being known for reverting to their primal instincts, sometimes even devouring unfortunate skinks. They need to be kept away from wider areas of a temple-ship or city as they cause trouble until a cohort of Saurus Knights can corral them.[1a]


Saurus Knights are known to be armed with either a warspear or blade made of Celestite. One amongst a group of Saurus Knights may perhaps bear an icon in the image of a Stardrake.[3]


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