Sarr Danoi

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The Sarr Danoi is an incredibly deep trench at the bottom of the Maithnar Sea of Ghyran.[1a]


Legend says that the Sarr Danoi plunges so deep into the realm's crust that it actually bleeds into the Aetheric Void between the realms. The Cythai, ancestors of the Idoneth Deepkin, considered its darkest depths suitable to conceal the Ocarian Lantern; even that artefact's brilliant light could not escape the depths of the chasm.[1a]


  • Temple of Sarr Danoi: This cyclopean temple at the bottom of the trench was built to contain the Ocarian Lantern. It was hidden behind layers of magical illusions. The Idoneth maintain a guard within the temple.[1a][1b]


In addition to the naturally occurring creatures of the deep seas, the Cythai bound a number of enormous abyssal monsters such as sea-wyrms and scyphopods to guard the temple.[1a]