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Sarpa was in life and death, a warrior of the Drak, oldest of the highclans of the Rictus Clans.[1]


The brother of Tamra ven-Drak, in life, he was a formidable warrior - fighting against the enemies of his clan including orruks, ogors and duardin before he finally fell in battle against orruks. Tamra took his body to a high slope, to be picked clean by scavenger birds and flesh-eaters before carving the sigils of rousing into his bones.[1]

When the lands of the Drak were overwhelmed by Rotbringers led by the Order of the Fly, he and his sister lead the dead in the defence of their final bastion, seeking to gain time for the living to flee. Although they held for a time, he was destroyed by the magic of Tulg the Wide, but his soul was snatched away by lightning. Following this, Tamra bore his sword in battle.[1]


Sister, You should go. They will be here soon. Your responsibility is to the living. Leave this to the dead.

~ Sarpa to Tamra.[1]


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