Sarmiel el Talamé

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General Sarmiel el Talamé is an officer commanding a legion of soldiers in the city state of Jercho in the Realm of Ghur [1]


An old man, slightly bent clad in black silk with light silver vambraces and coif who can move at a pace impressive for his age. He carries a tulwar to battle. [1]


In the Age of Sigmar he led his legion to victory against the sankrit at Heliopalis. [1]

Later he found Hamilcar Bear-Eater half mad with thirst in the Sea of Bones, aided him and the vouched for him with the sun-king of his city. [1]

When the king, Joreal el Ranoon in alliance with Mannfred von Carstein tried to kill Hamilcar and his Stormcast, Sarmiel led him to the Moon Palace where the sun-king was slain leading Jercho to be claimed for Sigmar. [1]