Salzagor's Hope

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Salzagor's Hope is north of Excelsis.

Salzagor's Hope is a Sigmarite Strongpoint located in Thondia, and has been partially consumed by the Drowned Lands created by Kruleboy orruks.[1a]



Named after a brave Reclaimed captain who gave his life defending pilgrims to Excelsis, Salzagor’s Hope was once a thriving township set astride a powerful river, lying several weeks north along the Great Excelsis Road.[2a]


The once prosperous trading hub eventually drew the attention of a clan of Kruleboyz, led by Killabass Wozgag. It was their second target after experimenting upon Krorhoch Creek. Salzagor's Hope is larger than Krorhoch Creek and was ringed by Sigmarite statues capable of nullifying any magical assault from beyond its border - including, much to the Kruleboyz' frustration, the madness-mist given off by their potion. Instead, the Killaboss devised a plan by which his semi-aquatic boyz would slink their way into the river and hijack a trading fleet entering the town through the river. Once the greenskins snuck through the mystical barrier of the guardian idols, the mist potion jars were broken and the town was smothered in a cloud of choking, dread-inducing fog. The orruks slipped through the murk like mist-djinn and made sport of the panic-crazed citizens.[2a] Salzagor’s Hope become of the centres of the spreading Drowned Lands, its ground turned into squelching marsh and its buildings sliding into muck.[3a]


A few stern and faithful folk have since returned to Salzagor’s Hope, but there are far more warriors here than settlers, and trade has been slow to return. to the stricken township, becoming more of a well-fortified stakefort than a thriving riverport town. While this could change, the presence of a large infestation of Fellwater Troggoths is not helping matters. The vulgar creatures have dug their stinking lairs into the spreading marshes surrounding the township. While Salzagor’s Hope’s guardian statues are keeping them at bay, their presence greatly discourages travellers, and the warriors desperately need assistance in repelling them.[3a]