Sadila Hausa

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Sadila Hausa was a Katophrane noble, the daughter of the Fourth House of the city of Shadespire and a bearer of the Red Laurel.[1]


She is dark skinned.[1a]


In life

The eldest child and heir to House Hausa, she enjoyed testing her skills with the sword against blade-slaves in the gardens of the Jasper Palace, considering the arts of the blade and the bow as most important and a reason for living. [1a]

She had been the lover of her fellow noble, Makesh when they were both young but she had discarded him for his softness.[1a]

When Nagash passed judgement on her home, she managed to reach the faneway before it was destroyed and continues to exist within its remnant but trapped. Whilst she is able to move anywhere where there is shadeglass in the banished city, she is unable to touch, feel, taste. [1b]

Within the shadeglass


I am a Katophrane. I am beyond death. I am a prisoner of eternity. As are all of my people. Our city no longer rises over the sands, but instead stretches the length of an eternal moment, all that it was lost in the memories of its people. We are like smoke drawn up through a flue, twisted all out of shape by the whim of a god.

~Sadila to Seguin Reynar.[1b]