Sacrosanct & Other Stories (Anthology)

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Sacrosanct & Other Stories
Sacrosant & Other Stories cover.jpg
Author(s) Various
Cover Artist Lie Setiawan
Released 2018
Pages 522
ISBN 13: 978-1-78496 792 5


Enjoy a collection of tales from the Mortal Realms, covering a host of races and factions and providing a taste of the flavour of the Age of Sigmar – including a brand new novella by C L Werner.[2]

A restless menace threatens the town of Wyrmditt. Stirred from his grave by fell magic, Sabrodt, the Shrouded King, seeks dominion over the kingdom he failed to claim in life. So great is the terror inflicted upon the lands by Sabrodt and his nighthaunts that Sigmar, God-King, sends a retinue of his warriors most skilled in the art of Azyrite magic to liberate the town. The Stormcast Eternals of the Sacrosanct Chamber are warrior-wizards, imbued with arcane knowledge and the power to wield the energies of the storm in battle. Leading the retinue is Knight-Incantor Arnhault, a formidable mage who has studied the histories of Sabrodt's kingdom. But the fight against the Shrouded King will challenge Arnhault's mettle like none other – especially when he discovers that the Undead knows more about his past than he does.[2]

Sacrosant & Other Stories is an anthology of the following stories set in the Mortal Realms. [1]

There is also a short excerpt from Blacktalon: First Mark (novel) by Andy Clark[1]