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Sabrodt is a Malignant, a Knight of Shrouds, who serves Nagash after betraying his twin brother to take the kingdom of Kharza [1]


As a child he had become obsessed with the Dragonseat, the magical throne of the Priest-Kings of his home. [1a] He attempted to claim the throne and was only spared by his brother, due to the pleas of his wife and the children of the king, his nephews.[1f]

During the Age of Chaos, the forces of the dark gods invaded the kingdom and whilst his brother, Volkhard the Priest-king of the land raised an army to fight them, Sabrodt saw an opportunity to try and take the Dragonseat throne finally for himself. He bargained with Nagash for the power to rule the kingdom eternally. [1a]

As his brother’s army prepared to engage the invaders, he invoked his new powers and enveloped all in the shroud of death. [1e]

Following the Necroquake, his powers grew but he was still unable to drain the life from the patch of land where his brother had died, much to his frustration. [1b] In his own barrow he built a grim mockery of the throne room of the Priest-Kings, having had the Dragonseat dragged down to it. [1e] Although he gained mastery over the kingdom, he had been transformed into a wraith by his spell and could no longer touch the throne which he so desired, his lust for making him unable to focus his will on allowing him to do so. [1a]

As the ruler he demanded living tribute - sacrifices to build his Nighthaunt army, using priests of Nagash such as Pater Mathias of Wyrmditt as intermediaries. [1c] Stormcast Eternals under Arnhault arrived and sought out the source of corruption in the land, seeking to destroy both the forces of Chaos and Death. They clashed with Sabrodt in the town of Wrymditt and drove him off, only for him to retreat hoping to lure them into the heart of his own lands where he was most powerful. [1c]

The two transformed brothers and their armies fought, the Stormcast Arnhault finally defeating the usurper, although he was mortally wounded in the process. [1e]


I spit on your pity. I rejected it when it was offered! I warned you of what would happen… I warned you that the Dragonseat would be mine!

~ Sabrodt to Arnhault.[1]


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