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Lord Ruhok was a Chaos Lord of Khorne who attacked Nulahmia in the Age of Sigmar. [1]


A huge figure in ornate bronze armour [1a] with a helm formed of a crimson skull of bronze, a massive rune of Khorne rising from his shoulders a heavy dark. He rides a monstrous juggernaut with rows of spikes surmounted with impaled skulls, and every death’s head wore a crown showing his prowess at destroying nations. [1b]

His flesh had become a blackened and scarred hide, thick with scabs from his passages across the Cremation Plain. [1a]


He had devastated many nations with his large warhorde including vast siege towers - immense constructions of brass whose peaks were carved into grotesque faces with gaping jaws. The interior of the maws glowed red with internal fires and served as forges of destruction. [1a]

As he approached, Neferata herself flew to meet him alone and even he was unsettled by her presence as she asked to speak to him alone. To his surprise she offered him a secret way into Nulahmia, stating that as she no longer controlled the city, she desired its destruction as much as he did. He confirmed that he would spare no-one from the city – including her. In an intimate move that caught him off guard she dragged a fingernail down the scarred flesh of his cheek, sending a shudder through his frame as she whispered, Please try. Be my disaster. [1a]

Following her plan, he and the majority of the warhorde attacked the Hyena gate of the city forcing Venzor to engage him in single combat. [1b] As they fought, the two were destroyed by the opening of the Annihilation Gate, devoured by the Maw of Uncreation. [1c]


Nulahmia falls this night! Do not seek mercy or flight – stand and die! I am war, and I have come to throw your towers down! Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

~ Lord Ruhok.[1b]


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