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The Royal Moot is the ruling court of the Sylvaneth, only occasionally assembled when Alarielle the Everqueen seeks the wisdom and council of her greatest servants and vassals. And has only been gathered on only a handful of occasions in all the history of the Mortal Realms,and typically does so only in times of great change.

For some of the strange beings that compose the moot. Traveling across such vast distances is not easy to attend the council, even when using the realm roots and for some, Is impossible. And thus the Royal Moot most often meets in part, or else the Regents will send to Alarielle their most trusted lieutenants to speak on their behalf.


As the Realmgate Wars due to a conclussion, Alarielle called a meeting whith all those that were able to do so attending or sending or portion of themselves if they were rooted to a location. She declared that the realm was nearly lost and it was time for a new effort in her new War-form to take it back, but that the Sylvaneth could not do it alone and called down the reprentatives of Sigmar to join them including the Celestant-Prime. [2]

Together they pledged to assault the Genesis Gate one of the primary Realmgates that led to the Allpoints with Rhalaeth telling much of its history and dangers of its poisonous landshoals that contained vast amounts of toxin within flesh domes that had devestated previous attempts by his glade to take the gate back from the forces of Nurgle. This then would be the first target of the strike. [2]

Known Members of the Moot


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