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The Royal Moot is the ruling court of the Sylvaneth. It is only assembled when Alarielle the Everqueen seeks the wisdom and counsel of the greatest and wisest of her servants and vassals. The Royal Moot has only been gathered in its entirety a handful of occasions in all the history of the Mortal Realms, usually at times of great change.[1a]


As the most important and venerable of the Sylvaneth councils and convocations, there are a number of traditional rites and rituals that must be observed before, during, and after a Royal Moot. In times of urgency, these rites and rituals may be rushed, but not skipped.[2a]


The Royal Moot consists of Alarielle herself, the Regents of the Glades, and a number of selected servants such as the Huntmaster of Kurnoth.[1a]

For many of the strange beings that compose the Moot, traveling across such vast distances to attend the council is not easy, even when using the realmroots; for some, it is impossible. Therefore, the Royal Moot most often meets in part, or else the Regents will send their most trusted lieutenants to speak on their behalf or detach a part of themselves and send that soul-sprig in their stead.[1a][2]

A meeting of the Moot might also have any number of additional attendees; for example, the Royal Moot called after Alarielle's rebirth in the early Age of Sigmar had emissaries from the Stormcast Eternals to seal the renewed alliance with Sigmar as well as representatives of forest spirits of all kinds, from sprigfolk to sporemakers to Spitelords.[2a]

Known Meetings of the Moot

Age of Chaos

Alarielle called the Royal Moot prior to commencing a ritual that she vowed would turn the tide of the War of Life. What happened next is a mystery, hidden from the memories of the Sylvaneth by a spell of forgetfulness. This period of racial amnesia became known as the Shrouded Season.[1e]

Age of Sigmar

As the Realmgate Wars draw to a conclusion, the reborn Alarielle called the Moot at the Starspun Coil in order to press for the renewal of the old alliance with Sigmar to aid in the reconquest of the Sylvaneth's lost lands. The Celestant-Prime and other representatives of the God-King attended to explain the Stormcast Eternals' plan to assault and seal the Genesis Gate and the other Arcways in order to cut off Chaos reinforcements from the Allpoints. High King Rhalaeth of Oakenbrow, whose glade had attempted to retake the Genesis Gate many times, provided what knowledge he could of its history and the dangers of the Nurglite corruption around it, and the Sylvaneth and Stormcast Eternals made the reconquest of the Genesis Gate the first act of their renewed alliance.[1e][2a]

Known Members of the Moot


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