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Rotigus Rainmaker leading a force of Maggotkin of Nurgle

Rotigus Rainmaker, the Generous One, is a powerful Great Unclean One of Nurgle, who causes repugnant plant life to spread about him in waves wherever he goes. Such is the strength of this power, that Rotigus feels no need to carry weapons and instead bears a Gnarlrod, covered in trophies and icons, which constantly rots and regenerates from a seed to bring forth ever-more foul diseases. He also manifests Nurgle's Deluge – a rotten, diseased storm that eternally hovers over his mountainous form and unleashes a vile downpour that spreads the blessing of Nurgle to every far corner of the battlefield.[1]

Rotigus is worshipped by mortals in the far corners of the Mortal Realms as a generous, life-giving deity of prosperity and fecundity. However the gifts he gives are foul in nature, and any who pray for his patronage soon see the error of their ways.[2]

At the beginning of the Malign Portents, he entered the Realm of Shyish through the Gate of Thorns and assaulted the ruins of Nagashizzar, but he and his daemons were banished by a combined army of both the living and the dead in service to the Great Necromancer.[3]



You breakers of the great cycle. Foul and wrong. But still you need a… urgh… burial of sorts, that the worms may grow fat. What are you… hurggh… doing? I have come to save you… haruggh… from dryness and sterility! Don’t you realise what these things are?

~Rotigus during the Malign Portents.[3]


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