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Rotfang, known as the Archchanter of Pustulance, is an infamous Skaven Plague Priest of the Clan Morbidus. He is fanatically devoted to the Great Horned Rat, driven heartless and self-interested as a skaven can be as well as a master of plague brewing that has created concoctions so potent that it overcame the immunity of his fellow Plague Priests,using it to kill entire conclaves of his rivals. He is quick to claim that this weakness proves their unworthiness, screeching as he stands on his rival's rancid remains.[1]

Using his high position he requisition a portion of his clan's armies and lead a Virulent Procession to the heart of the Sorrowoods of Ghyran in search of a Liber Pestilent, his rivals hoping to seize it once he has secured it, but Rotfang knows something about the unholy tome that they do not.[1]


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