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The Rotfane was a Chaos Dreadhold in the Salishwyld of Ghyran.[1a] Throughout the Age of Chaos, the foul magics of the Rotfane corrupted the region, turing the nomadic trees of the Salishwyld turned into nurseries for Nurgle's plagues. It was ruled by the Rotbringer Sorcerer Slaugoth Maggotfang.[1a]


Realmgate Wars

While searching for the goddess Alarielle's hiding place of Athelwyrd, a force of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost under Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Soul attacked the Rotfane. Despite Slaugoth using the might of the Rotfane's Malefic Gate to unleash a pestilential wind and summon a host of plague daemons, the Hallowed Knights managed to fight their way to the gate, allowing Lord-Relictor Morbus Stormwarden to unbind the magic holding the gate together and destroy the fortress.[1a][2a]