Romilla Aiden

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Romilla Aiden is a Warrior Priestess of Sigmar and member of the Swords of Sigmar Mercenary Company. [1]


She wears blue and white robes. [1a]


She had accompanied an army from Azyrheim which fought against the forces of Nurgle and Romilla was the only survivor. This provoked a crisis of mind and faith that had led to self abuse and drink before Varlen Saul, Hendrick Saul and Aelyn Melethryl saved her and whose mercenary company she joined. [1c]

In turn, after Eleanora VanGhest had been banished from the Realm of Azyr and onto the streets of Hammerhal Aqsha, Romilla found her and nursed her back to health. [1c]

In the company, she and Olt Shev had nearly come to blows as he considered Sigmar to be just one of the gods, not the god as she did. [1b]


Devoted of Sigmar
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