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Road Agents are a loose coalition of couriers and gossipmongers operating within the Free Cities of Sigmar's Empire. They are employed by the Grand Conclaves of the cities and local lords to act as a courier service, one of many such organizations, for general populace.[1a][2a]


The Road Agents are a loose coalition of couriers who operate in and work for many of the Cities of Sigmar, such as Greywater Fastness and Glymmsforge, by delivering messages and parcels for the common citizenry.[1a][2a]

The Road Agents maintain extensive records of their activities and the mail they deliver in the form of logbooks kept within each of their local offices.[1a]


The Road Agents maintain facilities, known as posts, in many of the locations they operate in, from the Free Cities themselves to their outlying settlements. For instance, a post is maintained in each of the Swamp-Cantons, feudal fiefs under the dominion of Greywater Fastnesst.[1a][2a]

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