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Rikkit, known as Lash-Liege by his underlings, is a Skaven Clawlord of the Clans Verminus Mekkrit.


He was responsible for fulfilling the contract that the Clan had been hired by Clan Krank to fulfill. They would invade the Vulkus Mont and raid its contents and engineers and bring them back to Blight City. But due to aftereffects of Nagash's Necroquake, the Gnawhole that they were building to ended up leading to a Stormvault rather than Aqshy. After losing some slaves and Clanrats to the construction of the Gnawhole and find himself in the wrong place, he promptly executed the pleading Clanrat overseer. Before he could deliver any further punishments, he was distracted by a Stormvermin that had found a pendant made of Aetherquartz, which he promptly tried to grab due to his avarice. He was shocked by the wards protecting the pendant, and did a intimidating look at any would-be challengers to make sure they did not take him getting startled as weakness. He lead the rest of his forces, slaves and Clanrats in front to explore the rest of the Stormvault, quickly recognizing the symbols of Azyr and the depictions of mankind in a old style, finding it covered in an defensive artificial darkness, and other wonders like clockwork armies, caged orbs of sentient fire and swords that occasionally emitted dark flames. Just as he was planning on selling these artefacts to Clan Krank, he and his servants were attack by a Amethyst Phantasm, neither dead or alive. He just had enough time to try and grab his blade and consider that the Stormvault might've been built to keep things inside.[1]


Rikkit is quick to insult his servants and sacrifice them to keep himself safe, but will also congratulate himself for his cleverness and eagerly expect his minions to do so too. If his servants fail, he will quickly execute the one responsible and his other servants. He is very cautious, often shooting intimidating glares whenever he thinks other Skaven are not suitably cowed, but will rarely let his greed overtake it.[1]


He is very experienced, quickly able to deduce a number of things upon entering a Stormvault. He was not in Aqshy by scent alone, and claims to have know the scent of every realm. He has spent enough time around machines that he could understand if it was failing just by its sounds. He could see the symbols of Azyr and depictions of mankind and understand it was not the depictions of Stormcast Eternals, but of men from the Age of Myth.[1]


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