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Rikfang is the Gnawmaster of Clan Rictus. He assailed the Vostarg Fyreslayer hold at Furios Peak in the Realm of Aqshy with a powerful force from his lair under the Cynder Peaks. [1]

His Verminlord patron Kratterklaw had tasked him with obtaining duardin sacrifices which he did, using not only his own forces but also those of subordinate clans commanded by Warlord Smurkit Driptail and the Warlock Engineer Skrryik. The captives included the first born son of Runefather Bael-Grimnar and so the fyreslayer pursuit was unrelenting. Athough Rikfang, his redclaw Stormvermin bodyguard and Kratterklaw escaped through a gnawhole they left Driptail and hundreds of skaven to face the slayers and the soon to arrive Stormcast Eternals.[1]

He remains under the patronage of Kratterklaw [1]


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