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Rhaelanthe was a Hag Queen of the Kharumathi Sect. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Covens of Blood

Like most of her sisters, she disdained taking males as lovers, but rather selected other Daughters of Khaine,[1a] one of her favourites was Melletiora. [1h]


Even by the standards of the Daughters of Khaine, she was considered uncommonly beautiful but when angered her beauty became sharp and brittle. Her hair was white with streaks of red and pink with small enchanted steel blades woven into her braids, these rang in the wind as they clashed. [1g]


The Kharumathi had declined under her leadership with losses far exceeding victories and she suffered badly in comparison to Hag Queen Orimache. [1b]

One raid went badly save for the capture of a wizard who was given to Thaelire for interrogation - but months later she refused the Queens demands to sacrifice him. [1b]

She and her sisters were visted by Myrcalene, a Melusai handmaiden of Morathi who ordered them to retrieve the Goregorge Claw from the Bloodbound at Redhollow Ruin. Anxious to gain the High Oracle's favour, Rhaelanthe immediately agreed to do so, sacrificing a number of leathanam and slaves to gain favour with Khaine. Following the excess of the sacrifices and still excited, she retired to her tent with several of her favourites. [1a]

A week later they marched through the Argental Gate to the Realm of Aqshy. Rhaelanthe had wanted to gift the captured human wizard to the daughters of the Eluathii who guarded the gate but discovered to her anger that Thaelire had given her to Neperona for sacrifice. She proclaimed instead that the urgency and importance of her task required that she did not require such courtesy and the Hag Queen of the Eluathii seemed more than happy to wave them through. [1d]

Moving through the gate, the Daughters found themselves under a brutally harsh sun and quickly suffered under its glare save for those aelves under Thaelire who had prepared for their excursion to Aqshy. [1e] As they progressed through the Sootstain Hills. they captured human tribes folk wo after a swift interrogation by their sorceress, Rhaelanthe had sacrificed to the glory of Khaine. [1f]

She brushing aside complaints from Thaelire that she needed more time with the prisoners, threatening her with single combat and the sorceress backed down, knowing she was no match for her. [1g] After scouts led by Nepenora discovered the strength of the Bloodbound position and also a nearby, hidden Stormcast Eternal encampment, Thaelire pressed thar an alliance be forged with the chosen of Sigmar, again angering Rhaelanthe who refused her suggestions. [1h]

After Thaelire managed to cloak the passage of Nepenora and her scouts to grant them access to Redhollow, she ordered her to do the same for as many witch-aleves as she could, whatever it cost her and then led the daughters against the stronghold. [1h] Mostly protected, the great bulk of the force made it through the Corpseclaws and we met at the gates by the Bloodbound. [1j]

Ringed by her favourites, her honour guard, Rhaelanthe slaughtered her way through the humans until she finally faced their leader, Graelakh Gore-Gorger. [1k] Ringed by their elite followers, the two fought, both soaked in the blood of their foes. [1l] During the melee she cut her opponent several times, who should have died but the burning skull upon his chest did not allow him to do so and instead it was the Hag Queen who burned, her skull taking its place as it crumbled to dust. [1m]

Weapons and Equipment

Her sciansá had rune-inscribed hilts [1h] and she coated her blades with poison, a single nick being death for a human. [1m]


Of course it's a test. Therefore we must take every opportunity we can to show our faith. We must honour the Lord of Murder with every sacrifice we can capture, so that Khaine will be please and his emissary will witness our piety.'

~Rhaelanthe to Thaelire.[1g]


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