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A revolver, or repeater pistol or repeater handgun, is a multi-chambered repeating handgun. Most commonly revolvers have six chambers, each capable of holding a bullet. The Freeguilds in particular are well-known for using revolvers.[1a][2a][3]


A Repeater handgun contains a multi-chambered cylinder, with each chamber containing a shot. These cylinders can be swiftly and easily changed after use to mitigate reload time.[4a][4b] The design of a repeater handgun allows it to be easily wielded in one hand, as well as allows for better mobility and manoeuvrability in battle especially in tight confines. However, as a result of its compact size, it has a middling firing range.[2b][5a]


Revolvers are extensively used by the Freeguilds of Sigmar's Free Cities with Handgunners, Pistoliers, and Outriders in particular being well-known for employing them.[3a][3b][3c] Revolvers are often used by sharpshooters as sidearms.[2b]


The Excelsian Ironweld provides some of its members with steam-powered, six-barreled revolvers.[1a][1b]