Resonant Suncrystal

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Resonant Suncrystals are shining, translucent crystals used by the Lumineth instructors of Settler's Gain.[1a]


A voice can only carry so far and it would be remiss if the masses of Settler's Gain missed a valuable lesson or speech from a Lumineth instructor simply because their voice could not travel far enough. Thus Resonant Suncrystals are employed by the Lumineth. When spoken into these crystals begin to vibrate, allowing the words to telepathically project into the minds of any who see the crystal's light.[1a]

According to rmours and hearsay, those who are dragged off to the Enlightenment Prisms are placed in front of Resonant Suncrystals and forced to listen to Lumineth recite the principles of Hysha-Mhensa for hours at a time. The Lumineth claim that such rumors are not true in the least, as they would employ far more elegant forms of torturous correction, if they employed such methods at all, which they assure their supplicants they do not.[1a]