Rena Dashos

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Lieutenant Rena Dashos was an officer of the Tenth Cohort of the Gallowsmen during the reclaimation of Caddow [1]

She is a cousin of Albain Lorcus [1b]


A tall Nordrathi womam, her face hawk like and her hair clipped short under her helmet. [1a]


Her grandfather, although not a warrior wrote a book on strategy and tactics. [1a]

Her father sailed with Kharadron Overlords and he taught her, much to his wife's annoyance, how to swear like an aetherjack. [1b]

Together with Liberator-Prime Aetius Shieldborn her cohort was tasked with escorting the cartographer Tulla Mir to explore and map the docklands of Caddow, where they were ambushed by Beastmen. [1a] They fought hard to repel the attacks by the forces of Chaos, earning the respect of the Stormcast who fought alongside them. [1]


Can't be looking at the clouds when the enemy is in the mud.

~Rena to Aetius.[1a]


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