Reeknik (Grey Seer)

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Reeknik was a Grey Seer who sought the fabled heart of the Wyrd-Engine, resulting in the War of the Wyrd-Engine between his skaven and the Fyreslayer lodge who dwelled in the depths of the gargantuan machine. He was slain by the Abhorrant Ghoul King Splinterblood when the Ghoul King's forces attacked both sides of the battle for the Fyreslayer's forge-temple.[1a]


Reeknik's efforts to conquer the Wyrd-Engine led him to hire several Clans Skryre. The Skryre Warlock Engineers constructed many wondrous weapons, such as a Warpfire Thrower of immense size and the gigantic, snakelike Verminous Machine, at the Grey Seer's direction, and between their ingenuity and the Grey Seer's magic (along with many, many clanrats), the skaven force managed to push the duardin back to their forge-temple. However, it was at this moment that the mordants under Splinterblood attacked, throwing the battlefield into confusion. Despite the best efforts of Reeknik's Stormvermin, the Crypt Flayers of Splinterblood's Deadwatch managed to snatch Reeknik right off his Screaming Bell and deliver him to their king, where the Grey Seer perished.[1a]


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