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Reeknik was a Warlock Engineer of Clan Ekkit of Clans Skryre.[1a]

He had formed an alliance with Clan Sputix to fight a horde of Bonesplitter orruks and convinced Plague Priest Skrokk to lure the greenskins into a ravine. The plan had been that his weapon batteries would then bombard and annihilate the enemy, but in true Skaven fashion in turn planned to destroy both forces. However, Skrokk had in turn paid Clans Eshin Gutter Runners to sabotage the war machines with plague bombs wired to the firing mechanisms.[1a]

Both Reeknik and his followers were reduced to rotting flesh in a instant.[1a]


Fire! Shoot-Shoot! Kill-slay the green things and the Clan Sputix both!.

~last words of Reeknik.[1a]


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