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A Realmgore Ritualist are priests of Khorne who oversee the blood rites and votive sacrifices that are central to the culture of the Bloodbound. Though they lack the brawn of other Gorechosen, it is likely that in their lifetime they have spilled greater quantities of blood in Khorne's name. As they have the full blessing of their deity, it would be foolish to challenge them, as with a mere gesture, they can turn a man's blood into boiling sludge.[1a]


The daggers of Realmgore Ritualists can pierce almost any substance, and are used to open the throats of prisoners in such numbers that the land is stained red with gore. Screaming praises to their almighty Lord of Battle, the Ritualist then carves runes into the descrated eaerth. These markings burn red-hot, and great splintering wounds open up as the realm itself recoils and writhes in pain, spewing geysers of scalding realm-blood high into the air. This gore rains from the skies, boiling foes alive and inspiring psychotic, murderous delirium in nearby Khorne worshippers.[1a]



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