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A Kharadron Outpost located along one of the many trade routes of one of the Lands of Gold.

The Lands of Gold, also known as the Realm of Chamon, are one of the eight Mortal Realms. Transmutation is law within Chamon's firmament, with places such as iron deserts, bronze mountains, seas of silver and plains of brass being a common sight.[1][2][21d]

Formerly home to the Khazalid Empire.[22b] Colossal wars for supremacy over Chamon's domains are being led by the Kharadron empire against the disciples of Tzeentch. Before Sigmar's return, the Kharadron managed to turn the tides at the Battle of the First Coalition.[23b] They now hold near-total supremacy over the skies of the inner Spiral Crux[21b] and stand as a dominant power in the skies of the Mortal Realms.[23c]


The Soaring Eagle

The Rune of the Realm of Chamon is the Soaring Eagle, resonant of the nobility and power of the Realm, it is notable that many peoples of Chamon prize avian familiars which come in a myriad of forms - magical, mechanical, organic and spectral. [15]


A reality glittering with endless untapped wealth, The Realm of Chamon is a place of science, industry and change. The embodiment of metal, logic, engineering and transmutation. In some places iron may spontaneously transmute into sapphire or ale may be transmuted into water. In other places, the lands might behave more like some enormous great machine, the lands moving in clockwork synchronization. [14b] [14a] [15]

Chamon's firmament is ever-shifting but certain sub-realms abide, giving shape to the so-called Lands of Gold. Instead of one single plate in a unified realmsphere, Chamon consists of a dizzying variety of distinct domains that hang in the Chamon firmament, each linked to the others by portals and mystical bonds. In Azyr it is often depicted as the laboratory of some godly alchemist.[14b]

Most of Chamon is metallic in nature but has verdant reaches and pure water in abundance in those sub-realms nearest to the realmsphere’s core. However even in them trees may have glinting, ironhard bark while the earth may bear a ferrous sheen or hues of exotic oxides in places. The outskirts of Chamon on the other hand are are ever changing to the point of madness.[14b]

In Chamon, precious metals like gold can be found in abundance, but decent food sources are rare.[18] Any food plants grown in the realm are often strange, absorbing many of the abundant minerals but are edible if prepared correctly - however, the animal life can be toxic if consumed by non-natives. [21a]


The people of Chamon are determined, stubborn, ambitious and innovative. They are paradoxical, many are stubbornly traditional and are hard as the mountains, while many others are innovative and seek to reach greater heights of scientific knowledge and progress. The civilizations of Chamon are the most scientifically advanced, brilliant engineers create complex clockwork automatons, alchemists produce wondrous potions and metallurgists produce new metals never before seen.[14b] [14a] [15]

Fashion in the sub-realms is represented with the colours often associated with Chamon, greys, golds and many other colours of metal. from the brown of bronze to shimmering silver.[14b] [14a] [15]


Age of Myth

  • While exploring the Iron Mountains in Chamon, Sigmar finds Grimnir and Grungni chained to it's highest summit and frees them. Afterwards Grungni gathers his scattered folk and establishes the Khazalid Empire and the Iron Karak.[4a][10][21c]
  • Grungni creates the Nineteen Wonders of Chamon, creating clouds of aether-gold from his breath as he exerts himself.[14a]
    • Duradin and human smiths grow powerful and skilled and advanced technology such as magma farms are created.[14a]
  • Seeing all is progressing well, Grungni leaves to joins the Pantheon of Order and begins to forge the Sigmarabulum.[14a]
  • Eighty generations of peace and progress follow.[14a]
  • Chamonite, the Realmstone of Chamon is found in vast quantities in the centre of the Godwrought Isles, it is mined by the aether-glutton device and used by duradin aethermancers of Azgal and Sigyorn. Such are the quantities and importance to the humans, duardin and Gholemkind that it becomes a currency a drop equal to the chest of gold coin.[14a]
    • Strife begins to grow over Chamonite and wars are fought. [14a]
  • Tzeentch notices the Realm and his daemons begin to whisper to the many who are now in poverty.[14a]
  • A Zodiacal Godbeast, the Lode-Griffon descends on the realm, drawn by the unearthed Chamonite. [14a]
    • It arrives in the Godwrought Isles but is chased away from the Hanging valleys by Argentine, making its new home on the central island, steadily distorting the lands with its unnatural weight.[14a]
    • The lands of the Godwrought Isles are twisted and damaged by the presence of the Lode-Griffon, destroying the pipelines that transport molten realmstone.[14a]
    • In addition, The machinery of many duradin artisans is disrupted by the magnetic blood of the God-Beast, a great army of their monster slayers attempt to kill the slumbering beast, but it proves impervious to their weapons and rudely awoken devastates the area.[14a]
    • Wars erupt across the area as some capitalise on the weakness of neighbours more affected by the disruption.[14a]
    • A powerful gathering of mages and aethermancers gather to destroy the beast, but as the spell is cast, the ninth mage is revealed to be a Gaunt Summoner - the Watcher-King who flees.
    • The Lode-Griffon is transformed by the spell into solid gold but the power used also tears a rift in reality allowing legions of Daemons to emerge. [14a]

Age of Chaos

Age of Sigmar

As the Age of Sigmar began Chamon's metallic landscapes pulsed azure in colour.[4b]

  • Barak-Zon is blockaded by daemons of Tzeentch, a vast fleet from the other sky-ports relieves it.[10]
  • The Stormcast Eternals attacked the Eldritch Fortress of Ephryx, forcing the sorcerer to unleash its power to annihilate them. The Stormhosts were all destroyed and sent back to Azyr, but in doing so Ephryx inadvertently revealed that his fortress held the fabled hammer of Sigmar, Ghal Maraz.[4]
  • Under the magical light of the Alchemists Moon the Chaos citadels of Anvrok are attacked by thousands of Gore-gruntas whose tusks and hides have been turned to living iron [11]
  • A vast force of Stormcast is able to reclaim Ghal Maraz and return it to Sigmar. [6a]
  • Tzeentch establishes a chain of crystalline sky castles at the edge of the atmosphere.[10] which are discovered by Barak-Zilfin[14a]

Constituent Sub-Realms

The atmospheric limits of one of the Lands of Gold.

Unlike other Mortal Realms, which have one single and unified realmsphere containing one single dominion, Chamon is akin to a constellation of various sub-realms hanging within the Void of the Chamon firmament.[14b] Those sub-realms drifting within Chamon are linked to each other by realmgates and undiscovered mystical bonds.[14b][21d]

Spiral Crux

For more information see: Spiral Crux

The Spiral Crux is the most explored sub-realm that form Chamon and contains multiple continents and oceans. In the Age of Myth, Grungni constructed a perfectly geometric archipelago, previously named the Godwrought Isles, at the very centre of the Realm of Chamon. It is this sub-realm that would later become known as the Spiral Crux following its corruption by the forces of Tzeentch.[23b]

Hanging Valleys

For more information see: Hanging Valleys

The Hanging Valleys is a sub-realm set apart from the rest of Chamon in the void. These mountainous lands are much like a world torn into scraps and arranged in a staggered sequence. Riverfalls of molten silver connect them, each overflowing from an unimaginable vast crucible set above it all and heated by the warpfire of the zodiac serpent Argentine.[5]

  • Anvrok: Largest of the Hanging Valleys, Anvrok contains the Realmgates known as the Silverway and the Bright Tor Gate. Once a great valley kingdom, it is now little more than ruins, its cities destroyed by Chaos and its people reduced to nomad tribes and even worse fates.[5]
  • The Great Crucible: Floating at the apex of the region, rivers of liquid quicksilver flow from the Great Crucible onto the Hanging Valleys below. The flames of Argentine, the great Silver Wyrm, keeps the metal molten.[5]
  • Denvrok: One of the smaller hanging valleys that hang below Anvrok. Mercuria Valley is located here.[5]
  • Kantrok: One of the smaller hanging valleys that hang below Anvrok. Vytrix eats the silver river before ir can reach this valley.[5]


For more information see: Golgeth

Golgeth is one of the constituents sub-realms of Chamon.[14a]



Most powerful Kharadron Overlords sky-ports are located in Chamon where abundant sources of aether-gold can be found.[10]

Other Locations



Steely determination and ambition are a common trait of those that hail from the Realm whilst warriors from Chamon are equally renowned for their quality of the weapons, armour and gear and their stubbornness.[15]


Flora and Fauna

  • Aether-eater
  • Megalofin
  • The Hanging Valley of Anvrok has many unnamed creatures including: Metal-feathered carrion birds with shear-beaks, silver-skinned hounds with molten metal slavering from their chaos, daemon gargoyles and cog-scaled fish.[1c]


The Realmsphere Magic and spells associated with the realm of Chamon are known as Gold Spells.[24b][24c]