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A miniature of a Razorgor.

Razorgors are a wild swine of the Monsters of Chaos and follow Beastherds into battle. They fight by ploughing headlong through enemy phalanxes, their mad charge gouging, goring and tossing corpses every which way. They only slow down to devour the remains of their victims and such is their appetite and fearsome metabolism they can eat a knight in plate mail and his barded horse in seconds.[1][3]

They are wild swine warped to monstrous size, gruesome mountain of mutated and swollen muscle, covered in chunky, jutting spines and coarse hair. They have large tusks and wild eyes on their heads and hooves at the end of their limbs. They have a spiked brutish looking tail that they can use to defend themselves.[2][3]

Razorgors are massive cousins of the Tuskgors.[2]


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