Ravening Direflock

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The Ravening Direflock is an unaligned endless spell composed of six spectral crows. They circle battlefields and harry those that try to flee from it with unending, dispiriting caws.[1]


When a Direflock is summoned the wind is coalesced into dark feathers that take the shape of a murder of ravens. It can only be summoned by Beast of Chaos wizards.[2]


These spell birds piercing caws cause terrifying visions of the hearer's impending doom and an inescapable sense of dread when heard. Should one try to chase these birds in order to end the dark nightmares, the birds will fly off and caw elsewhere on the battlefield.[2]

Left unattended these birds will roost in the warping wilds, with Varanspire crenelations having a few nests of them.[2]