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The Priests of the Order Posthumous is a powerful organization found in the Underworld of Stygxx. The Order can, for a price, inter the mortal remains of the deceased in such a way that Necromancy can neither rouse the corpse nor the spirit within.[2a]


The organization is led by worshippers of Morrda, the Bleak Raven, and is based in the Free City of Lethis.[2a] Those priests who are dedicated to Morrda are known as Raven Priests and play many pivotal roles within Lethis.[1a]


The Raven Priests serve as the clergy of Morrda, one of the more prominent of Shyish's missing death gods. Nearly every corner of their home city of Lethis is home to a sepulchre or shrine dedicated to this mysterious god.

These priests play a pivotal role within the Free City of Lethis, leading it's people in their funeral rites and warding rituals against the undead.[1a]


It is the Raven Priests who make the talismans and charms dedicated to Morrda, that have become a major export of the Free City of Lethis.[1a]