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A Rattletrap

Rattletraps are mechanical automatons found throughout the Free City of Greywater Fastness that were developed by a cabal of Steam Lords and Cogsmiths to replace the animals once used as mounts by the citizenry, before pollution killed them off. They are named for the rattling noises made by their metallic frames and mechanisms.[1a][1b]


Being mechanical constructs Rattletraps can survive in the heavily polluted city of Greywater Fastness, unaffected by the diseases or starvation that wiped out the city's beasts of burden. Their designs allowing them to traverse toxic landscapes and rugged terrain with ease. However, they require constant, daily maintenance by skilled Cogsmiths resulting in Rattletraps having not found much use in cities beyond the Fastness.[1a]

Rattletraps have quickly gained widespread use throughout Greywater itself as substitutes for beasts of burden. Many courier services, such as the Rattlefast Courier Service, make exclusive use of these mechanical steeds. Individual citizens can find Rattletraps available for rent or purchase at a number of Rattletrap Stables throughout the city.[1a]

However, outright owning a Rattletrap is seen as a luxury, a dangerous one at that, that only the elites of the city and military organizations like the Freeguilds can afford. These privately owned Rattletraps are often bespoke custom models built to specification, with flairs and filigree on their frames as well as family crests or Freeguild emblems.[1a]


The engines of a Rattletrap, like much of the technology in Greywater Fastness, are powered by Cyclestone. The expense of this fuel, coupled with the need for constant maintenance and a Cogsmith caretaker, has added to the contraptions' failure to catch on beyond the territories of the city.{Fn|1a}}[1b]

Known Frames

Most commonly Rattletraps are designed to resemble quadrupedal pack animals the most common being mules and horses. But Rattletraps designed to resemble Gryph-chargers, Gryphons, Dracoths, Mournfangs, or even dracolines have been spotted in the city.[1a]

Freeguild Rattletraps

The Rattletraps designed for the Freeguild are fitted with modifications to accommodate the needs of their riders. Common additions are saddlebags, holsters, and sheathes for carrying equipment.[1a]


Owning and operating a Rattletrap can be a dangerous task, with many an untrained individual losing clothes, hair, or even fingers to the whirling mechanisms of the metallic fauna.[1b]

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  • The term Rattletrap originates as a disparaging appellation given to them when the citizens of Greywater Fastness first saw their rickety designs.[1a]
  • Due to the noise made by their clanking innards, it is ill-advised to use Rattletraps during stealth missions.[1b]