Rattlefast Courier Service

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The Rattlefast Courier Service is one of many Rattletrap messenger services in the Free City of Greywater Fastness. They've set themselves apart from their competition, by delivering small packages in record time, becoming highly regarded across the city.[1a]

Organisational Structure

The company is owned and operated by Gilbert Scalder, a former Rattletrap engineer, who employs a number of couriers who use Gryphon-headed Rattletraps for their delivery. Scalder is always looking to take on additional employees brave enough to take on more dangerous contracts, such as those that would take the courier beyond the city walls. In particular, Scalder is looking for a courier to deliver a growing collection of letters, sent in by an anonymous older woman, addressed to someone in the ruins of Scallavost.[1a]

Badge of Office

Rattlefast couriers carry a pocket watch with them at all times, which they use to keep track of their route times. Back in the office, there is a chalkboard above the front counter. It prominently displays the latest laps and times of each courier for all to see.[1a]