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War Rats are the myriad rodents birthed within Moulder flesh-pits, from silent little spy-rats to the dog-sized Giant Rats. [1a][3a]

Giant Rats

Growing up to the size of Gryph-hounds, Giant Rats serve as swift and agile hunting hounds for Clans Moulder. Possessed of a keen scent, a tireless stamina and oversized front fangs, they stalk their prey in huge packs that can overwhelm entire enemy regiments and drag down even the most monstrous foes through sheer weight of numbers. [2c][3a]

Every Giant Rat tears victim apart with it's Vicious Teeth. [2c]

Rat Swarms

A Rat Swarm.

When the skaven go to war, their clawpacks often advance amidst a teeming tide of vermin that can be more terrifying than even Giant Rats. Immense swarms seethe across the field of battle, engulfing those who fall and devouring any unfortunate enough to stand in their path. [2a][3a]

Every rat in a swarm strips the meat from victim's bones with it's Gnawing Teeth. [2a]

Wolf Rats

The main weapon of Wolf Rats is within their disease-ridden mouths, that is their dagger-long razor-sharp barbed teeth capable of easily piercing armor and crushing bone. These are further enhanced by their greatest attribute, their speed, that make their charge and their snapping jaws even more lethal. The scent and taste of blood drives these grotesque creatures into a vicious frenzy that renders them immune to fear. [4a][2d]

Other war beasts

  • Winged scrabblings. [4a]
  • Voracious rat-lizard hybrids. [4a]



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