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Lady Raia was a Soulblight Vampire spymaster and member of Neferata’s Sisterhood in the Age of Myth. [1]


In the Age of Myth She was acknowledged as the chief spy for the Mortarch of Blood, at public events she would often accompany her, murmuring quietly to the queen when her opinion was sought but was otherwise a silent and watchful shadow with handmaiden/spies such as Mereneth reporting to her. [1a]

Lady Raia was tasked with investigating the noble houses of Nulahmia, a number of whom their queen correctly suspected of plotting rebellion. [1a]

She was attacked, drained and killed by Mathas Hellezan during her investigation, her ashes scattered to try and prevent restoration. The queen retaliated by destroying his House. [1c]


Watch and listen. When my subjects leave, you and your sisters will follow them, and see where the paths of anger take them. Most of all, observe those who shout the least. Beware the thoughtful. They are the ones we must guard against.

~Neferata to Raia .[1b]


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