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Portrait of Qulathis the Exile.

Qulathis is a Kurnothi Explorer from the Realm of Ghyran.[1]


Qulathis hails from the Enga'la Weald in the Realm of Ghyran, which was invaded by Soulblight.[2] Having lost many of her kin, Qulathis swore vengeance against the vampires despite being expressely forbidden by her elders.[1]. She later journeyed to the cursed city of Ulfenkarn in the Realm of Shyish in pursuit of her vengeance.[2]


  • Aelven Blade: Qulathis' aelven blade.[3a]
  • Magical Arrows: magical arrows forged from the wood of the Oak of Ages Past.[2]
  • Winter's Call: Qulathis' aelven bow.[1][3a]


'You are not my people. I have no kin. In place of cowardice, I chose exile and disgrace. Yet if my aim is true, I may still earn revenge, and perhaps even an iota of atonement.'

- Qulathis the Exile.[1]